How significant would it be if almost every student entering the 5th grade (especially in schools with previous high failure rates)…

  1. had 100% mastery of all prerequisite skills & knowledge (e.g. 100% mastery of all K-4 content)
  2. recognized the value of learning and were confident in their ability to learn?
  3. saw themselves as being primarily responsible for their own education and experienced in taking the initiative in their own learning

“If someone knew of a way that THEY believed could dramatically increase the number of students at 100% grade level, nationwide, in just one year, and did NOT act on it, what would that say?”


The following describes a concept for dramatically improving education in just a few years (click on the links to read the details for each topic).  Once you have read it, you need to decide:

  1. whether you believe it can work
  2. whether you know of any active alternative effort with better chances of quickly improving education for EVERY student while closing the education gap

The Concept:

  1. Why the special urgency for improving education at this time? Why do we need EVERY student to succeed?  How bad is current education really?
  2. Why are so many students failing to get an adequate education? Why have we not been able to fix this in the past 40+ years?
  3. A strategy for dramatically improving education, closing the education gap and radically reducing dropouts nationwide in just a few years.
  4. A concept for helping almost 100% of students nationwide get to 100% grade level mastery in a single year.
  5. A plan for implementing the solution concept.
  6. Will it work?  A step-by-step guide to drawing your own conclusions as to whether or not you believe this initiative could be successful.
  7. Next Steps:  What needs to be done next and what are you willing to do to contribute to its success?
  8. Projects: Description of some projects that could enhance the chances of success of this initiative.

If you are truly committed to improving education and you believe this initiative has the BEST chances of success, then you will have to “decide what YOU will do about it.

Find out more or get involved:

Ready-for-fifth is a concept and not an organization.  We believe that organizations already exist that are dedicated to various functions that could help this initiative and we look to build coalitions and partnerships where applicable. The success of this initiative will depend on volunteers that help us build and coordinate those partnerships and alliances and also to fill in some gaps among these organizations.

If you would like to know more about the initiative or if you would like to help (in any way) to make this initiative a successful reality, then please contact us at one of the following addresses:

If you know of, or have an idea for, a better solution for improving education while closing the education gap so ALL students are involved, then please let us know that as well.

Finally, if you think the Ready-for-fifth initiative or some of the related ideas have merit, then please take a few minutes to help spread the word by informing a few other people of the initiative.  Everyone (young, old and in-between) would benefit if a higher % of Americans were better educated, better able to get and hold more productive jobs and therefore better able to contribute to our society.