What about Special Ed & other students with disabilities?

The initiative calls for teachers to pledge to get 100% of students that do not have medical (including documented psychological) problems to 100% grade level mastery by the end of the 4th grade.  It is assumed that to do this,

What is the relationship between this initiative and the “Hour of Code” initiative?

Hour of Code was a mass initiative to get many children to devote an hour to see what computer programming is all about. One could call this initiative a “Year of Math.” The idea is to use similar promotional tactics

What is the Incentive Pledge Wall?

The Incentive Pledge Wall is part of the Incentive website where local or regional sports, entertainment or other entities can pledge incentives to the initiative. These could include free tickets to sports or entertainment events, etc. or even public recognition

What is the Hero Program?

The hero program is run by the local community support group. It consists of honoring students, teachers and others in the community that make exceptional efforts to raise the achievement level of all 4th graders. Students should be given a

What is the Student Reporter Program?

Local high school students will submit frequent articles describing the successes, challenges and remaining obstacles to getting ALL the 4th graders in their community to achieve 100% grade level mastery before the end of the school year. Articles will be

What is the purpose of the colored wristbands?

The colored wristbands (made of colored wool, symbolize that one has pledged to help ALL 4th grade students get to 100% grade level mastery by the end of the 4th grade. It is a symbol of belonging and commitment. It

Why don’t we do a pilot?

This initiative is primarily about challenging people to simply put in a little extra effort to accomplish what are already the current goals. There is no specific method required.  Each school and teacher decides how they want to proceed.  The

How do we plan to keep this initiative going for an entire year?

Continual tracking of progress in all schools. Reporting on special results or initiatives Continual reporting on special support involvement by communities, older students, education publishers, etc. Organizing of periodic community rallies for the initiative (community “hero” program). Etc.

What do we mean by “belts and suspenders”?

Using both belts and suspenders minimizes risk. If either fails the other is able to do the job on its own. We believe in using multiple belts and suspenders. If we want to ensure awareness of something, we plan a

Why do we believe politicians and other personalities will endorse/help promote the initiative?

Local personalities (especially those active in politics), always look for opportunities to affiliate themselves with positive community events and initiatives. Does anyone really envision politicians distancing themselves from an initiative that calls for better education achievement for students that would