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This initiative is very much about the future of an entire generation. As a high school student in the Bronx said, we have to find a way so that not so many of our classmates fail (because the realized that the cost of failure of students would eventually be borne by those that did not fail). As a result, this entire initiative is therefore an opportunity for high school and university students to influence their own futures. As such we challenge these students to become the catalyst and driving force of the initiative. We challenges students in every school to organize those that are willing and to:

  1. rally as many local people as possible to extend the national challenge locally (and be sure to get maximum press and other coverage – ideally get the 4th grade teachers and students to be part of the rally where they can make a public pledges).
  2. take the lead in mobilizing the community (the political, business, religious and other leaders to organize a community support organization.
  3. take the lead in encouraging 4th grade teachers, students and their parents to pledge to get ALL students to 100 grade level mastery by the end of 4th grade (so that all students entering 5th grade will be at full grade level with confidence in their abilities as well.
  4. Become the witnesses and reporters of the efforts by your teachers, students and community to improve their future by writing frequent articles to the local press and media and forwarding these to the national level to that they can be fed to national and regional press and media.
  5. In other words, rally your entire community to do whatever it takes to get an entire year of students to demonstrate that they can all achieve grade level mastery and set a new standard and expectation for years to come.
  6. Encourage and organize students to offer tutorial services

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