What about Special Ed & other students with disabilities?

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The initiative calls for teachers to pledge to get 100% of students that do not have medical (including documented psychological) problems to 100% grade level mastery by the end of the 4th grade.  It is assumed that to do this, teachers will have to provide differentiated learning for all students that are not currently on track to achieve 100% mastery with the current approach.  It is expected that once each student is learning with a method and approach suited to their individual needs, they will make progress as best they can.  This is really like saying let’s give every student the kind of differentiated learning that each Special Ed student should ideally already be getting.  The bottom line is that every student will be advancing as effectively as possible using an approach best suited to their individual needs.  The only difference is that while we expect teachers to pledge to do all they can to get 100% of students without documented medical issues to 100% mastery, we only ask teachers to pledge to help students with medical challenges get as far as possible with approaches and support suited to their individual needs.

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