Why don’t we do a pilot?

  1. This initiative is primarily about challenging people to simply put in a little extra effort to accomplish what are already the current goals. There is no specific method required.  Each school and teacher decides how they want to proceed.  The only thing we ask is that they pledge t0 do everything they can to get every students to a defined goal.
  2. There is no good way to measure the effect of a public appeal to a limited area.
  3. It is the size of the campaign that captures the imagination which would not happen with a smaller pilot.
  4. Part of the strategy is to set enough balls in motion that some do exceptional things and then to publicize those exceptions such that others will try to follow those examples. If you shrink the sample space, you reduce the chances of having truly exceptional results to publicize.
  5. There is no downside to this initiative. Why would we want to exclude any student from the potential benefits given that it will no longer apply to them in following years.

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