Why Math?

  1. We are really talking about Arithmetic and Beginning Geometry here. These have a relatively small finite knowledge base (vocabulary, rules, methods, etc.) as compared to, for example Language Arts (reading, writing, grammar, etc.) which would be the next logical candidate which would be tackled in subsequent years.
  2. There are many effective learning tools available for Math.
  3. There are a great many people able to help students in learning K-4 Math (Arithmetic and beginning Geometry).
  4. The more limited vocabulary of math and the availability of tools and tutors increase the chances that the first year of the initiative will achieve its goals and therefore make it easier to expand the initiative in subsequent years.
  5. While Math is the focus of the first year of this initiative, the second year will focus on adding Reading and Writing. To that end, we will be actively encouraging learning aid publishers to use that first year to accelerate development of their tools in preparation for year two. Other subjects will be added in subsequent years.

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