4th grade proves to be the key to improving education overall. button_more


Thousands of teachers pledge to get 100% of their students to 100% grade level mastery button_more


Hundreds of thousands of 4th graders pledge to get themselves to 100% grade level mastery before end of school year button_more


High school students claim role in dramatically improving education, nationwide, in just a few years button_more

Almost ALL students at close to 100% grade level mastery!
… Why not?

    • % of US students in major cities at 100% grade level mastery jumps from < 20% to > 80% in just 1  year!
    • Projected Dropouts drops to almost 0!
    • Remedial programs no longer needed in most colleges!




Will it work? – You be the judge. button_more


Learning Tool Publishers, Computer Manufacturers & Internet Providers pledge to ensure ALL students have access to effective learning tools button_more


Tens of thousands volunteer as mentor/coaches to help hundreds of thousands of 4th graders achieve 100% grade level mastery in one year button_more


2015 TIMSS study shows US students are undisputed world leaders in math button_more